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Our customers cite industry knowledge, responsive technical support and solution flexibility as the main reasons why they choose to work with the Genisys Document Management team. We have been in business for over 25 years and Genisys is a well known brand of Document Management software that adheres to industry standards and integrates with leading office applications.

We work across multiple industry sectors including healthcare, finance, professional services, manufacturing, transport and legal. Our approach is always to provide simple guidance based on realistic organisational needs. We endeavour to seek the most cost-effective solutions for our customers and provide flexible financing options enabling them to start implementations within their timescales.



Proud Customer Base

We are proud of our growing customer base. Over 300 successful installs and continuing to grow with many clients experiencing a very quick return on their Genisys investment and expanding the use of their system beyond their initial commitment as a result.

Well Established

Trading for over 25 years, serving many different business sizes and sectors, Genisys is a well-known, established brand which is now synonymous with the provision of both dynamic software products backed by exceptional service.

Experienced Workforce

Working across multiple industry sectors including healthcare, finance, manufacturing and many more, has provided the Genisys workforce with invaluable skills that are most beneficial when implementing information management systems.

Proud To Provide A Service

Here at Genisys Technology we create friendly and professional relationships with all of our clients. Understanding our customers and their pain points is the key to our success.

Alan Bruce, Applications Manager, NHS Lanarkshire eHealth/ICT

“Genisys ConsoliDATA is a very cost effective information management solution and most suitable for the requirements of the supported user base. Providing bespoke integration with a 3rd party clinical system allows for both the easy retrieval and filing of important patient correspondence.”

John McKillop, Information Systems Manager, Alan Steel Asset Management

“Our thoughts regarding Genisys software products is simple, if they weren’t good, we wouldn’t use them in our business. What is more important for Alan Steel Asset Management and what differentiates Genisys from other providers is the service offerings that complement the products. The level of service on offer from Genisys is always top of the league.”

Christine Hall, Associate Programme Director, NEP Shared System Group

“NEP Shared System Group and our Partner Genisys Technology Solutions Ltd have worked collaboratively in supporting our Consortium in terms of information management and document scanning for over 15 years.  As we move across to new ‘Cloud’ technologies Genisys continue to work with us in terms of innovation and accessibility to an every changing NHS IT environment ensuring we continue to be both efficient and cost effective in supporting our NHS clients.”

James Munday, Systems Accountant, York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“We’ve used Genisys ConsoliDATA at York NHS for the last 12 years and it has significantly improved our processes in regards to invoicing & document management. The system is easy to manage, simple to use, and very cost effective. The support offered is always excellent, very prompt, and they are always happy to help. I would highly recommend them.”

Leslie Oates – Accounts Payable Manager, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

“In my 16 years experience within NHS Finance, the Genisys Software Suite (ConsoliDATA) is by far, the best information management software that I’ve used. The speed and ease of use for both processing and reporting has helped to streamline various business processes within our Finance Departments.”

Kate Marshall, Systems Administrator, L&B Police

“Since Genisys went live it has exceeded all expectations. Once a document is indexed, it can be retrieved instantaneously together with its associated documents or emails. The system is fast, cuts down on errors, produces high quality document reproductions and is very easy to use for the non-IT expert. I would recommend Genisys to colleagues in other firearms and licensing operations”

Michael Blackburn, Head of Financial Services, Northumbria NHS Trust

“We reviewed several software packages but opted for Genisys due to its simplicity, cost effectiveness and of course proven track record.”

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

All Genisys customers benefit from a Total Support Commitment. Our professional team of consultants is always available to discuss your requirements, evaluate and recommend solutions and provide proposals and support services.

Gary Sawyer

Managing Director

Caroline Casey

Scanning and Data Capture Services Manager

Darren Williamson

Software Support Services Manager

Robert Englund

Software Development Manager

Benefits Of Our Solutions

Almost Certain Return on Investment

A large number of Genisys clients report a very quick return on their initial investment after implementing a Genisys information management solution.
With savings being realised from many areas including headcount, process efficiency improvement, and time savings, your Genisys ConsoliDATA implementation is likely to pay for itself many times over. Furthermore, additional overheads such as off-site storage and retrieval, can also be massively reduced.

Better customer and supplier relations

Genisys offers a fast, simple process for electronically recording, filing and storing critical documents it integrates seamlessly with CRM, accounting and other business systems. Document searches such as confirmation of customer details take seconds without needing additional software or look through filing cabinets. Documents can also be ‘electronically stapled’ together or annotated to ensure approvers have all the necessary information in one place to progress work onto the next stage. This speeds up decision making considerably and improves service quality to customers and suppliers

Reduced space, audit and administration costs

Electronically storing paper documentation reduces the need for physical filing systems not only cutting down on expensive office storage space but also saving administrative costs searching for lost paperwork. Genisys Technology Solutions can provide an excellent facility to aid disaster recovery as documents are securily backed up and can be safely stored off-site. Costs can be saved by automating manual search and filing systems and allowing administration staff to be deployed in more value-creating activities.

Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance

Choosing an efficient archiving system means organisations can meet legal regulations regarding document retention and freedom of information with ease. Genisys ConsoliDATA acts as a storage facility for both electronic files and paper documents. It incorporates an intuitive indexing system that retrieves documents simply and quickly for audits or queries regardless of file date or format. The increasing availability of data-warehousing solutions coupled with the decreasing costs of server memory means larger volumes of information can now be stored for longer periods of time cost effectively.

Centralised Management

Our Total Information Management model has been designed to provide a full suite of information management software and services to our customers, leaving them to focus on their core business.


Our core document management software solution. Secure and entirely scalable.

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An "easy-in, easy-out" interface for simple document archive and retrieval. 

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Allowing office documents to easily & safely be stored in Genisys Document Management.

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Move document around an organisation in a controlled manner.

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