Genisys ConsoliDATA

The core information management software suite that provides businesses with a system to scan, index and save incoming paper documents for onward processing within a couple of minutes.

Flexible and Simple Features

ConsoliDATA by Genisys Technology Solutions is an extremely flexible, information management solution designed to dramatically reduce the strain of managing large volumes and varieties of documents and data.  It is the keystone of a comprehensive Total Information Management (TIM) approach to the capture, storage, management, querying and processing of different types of information, cost-effectively and across an entire organisation.

Entirely Scalable

As applicable to a single PC workstation as it is to an enterprise-wide deployment. It can be used as a simple document repository designed to save storage space in your office or it can be implementation to handle complex requirements such as automatically reading data from barcodes to assign a workflow to a document.

Highly Configurable

ConsoliDATA provides a secure, shareable store for documents and can be easily integrated with other third party software. Furthermore, we have many additional modules that can be brought in alongside ConsoliDATA to assist with the management of your information

Cloud or Local Hosting

Whether used by multi-disciplinary teams within an organisation via an intranet or local area network, or for external relationships via an extranet, ConsoliDATA offers valuable web collaboration features.

Standard Features

Retrieve documentation quickly and easily.

Its intuitive indexing system files documents under specific, user definable, functional terms with information/digital files posted into the system being retained in their native formats. Data stored in the system can subsequently be electronically stapled together or annotated without impact to the original file

Custom Indexing and Lookup Tables

Annotation and Markup Tools

Customisable Security and Control Levels

Superior Scanning Capabilities

Centralised Management

Our Total Information Management model has been designed to provide a full suite of information management software and services to our customers, leaving them to focus on their core business.


Our core document management software solution. Secure and entirely scalable.

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An "easy-in, easy-out" interface for simple document archive and retrieval. 

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Allowing office documents to easily & safely be stored in Genisys Document Management.

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Move document around an organisation in a controlled manner.

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Panasonic EXPERT Partners


Scanner Hardware Partners

ConsoliDATA can interact with most scanning devices including many standalone and networked devices. We have long-established partnerships with major scanner manufacturers and we are accredited Panasonic “EXPERT” partners. This means we can take some of the pain away and offer assistance with the purchase of your scanning equipment.  Whether you chose to buy through us or via a third party, our customers still have have access to our wealth of knowledge relating to system compliance, upgrading and troubleshooting.



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