Genisys DocumentFLOW

Allow documentation to flow with ease throughout your organisation using our integrated DocumentFLOW software.

Assign, Track And Record

Genisys DocumentFLOW is designed to easily manage the flow of internal documents, such as invoices, around your organisation in a controlled manner. Documents can be assigned and tracked with each revision recorded and subsequent revisions easily retrieved.


Using Tasks and Owners, document flows can be assigned to different departments across your entire organisation.


Instantly track the document throughout the entire workflow process. View the Status, Owner, Department and more with ease.


Each time an amendment has been made to the document, it is recorded and can be audited, every minor detail is tracked and stamped.

Genisys DocumentFLOW

Features and Benefits

DocumentFlow offers a fully scalable, digital workflow solution for a wide range of commercial environments all within a modern software package. With a suite of user-configurable and process defined options, DocumentFlow is both easy to setup and easy to use. When combined with the Genisys ConsoliDATA Information Management System and Genisys ScanImport client interface, DocumentFlow provides the ideal digital workspace to streamline your business processes

Web-based intranet and/or desktop solutions available.

Audit trail facilities to track a documents journey from start to finish.

Distribute, view and process your documents and files on-screen in real-time.

Integrates with Genisys ConsoliDATA and Genisys ScanImport applications.

Bespoke service options are available.

Fully scalable and flexible solution.

Streamlines your processes to streamline your business.

Provides cost savings to give a quick return on investment.

Centralised Management

Our Total Information Management model has been designed to provide a full suite of information management software and services to our customers, leaving them to focus on their core business.


Our core document management software solution. Secure and entirely scalable.

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An "easy-in, easy-out" interface for simple document archive and retrieval. 

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Allowing office documents to easily & safely be stored in Genisys Document Management.

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Move document around an organisation in a controlled manner.

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Panasonic EXPERT Partners


Scanner Hardware Partners

ConsoliDATA can interact with most scanning devices including many standalone and networked devices. We have long-established partnerships with major scanner manufacturers and we are accredited Panasonic “EXPERT” partners. This means we can take some of the pain away and offer assistance with the purchase of your scanning equipment.  Whether you chose to buy through us or via a third party, our customers still have have access to our wealth of knowledge relating to system compliance, upgrading and troubleshooting.



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