Genisys OfficeCONNECT

The Microsoft Office interface from Genisys allowing all office documents to easily and safely be stored in Genisys Document Manager.

Store documents in Genisys with ease

Genisys OfficeCONNECT allows Microsoft Office and Genisys to connect with ease. Using a modern interface and streamlines process documents generated in Office can be securely stored in Genisys.

Secure Office Documents

Genisys OfficeCONNECT works seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Enabling the user to easily and securely save both existing, and new, Microsoft Office documents to their Genisys ConsoliDATA Information Management database.

Simple Setup & Configuration

Genisys OfficeCONNECT is easily installed and integrated into the relevant Microsoft Office application. OfficeCONNECT can be setup to reflect your current Genisys ConsoliDATA setup, including storage places, index and search definitions, and bespoke data look-ups. 

Works Seamlessly With ScanImport

Genisys OfficeCONNECT fully complements and works seamlessly with ScanImport. From its modern design to ease of use, OfficeCONNECT allows Microsoft office documents to be safely stored and become instantly available via Genisys ScanImport extensive search, drill-down, view and share options.

Genisys OfficeCONNECT

Features and Benefits

Streamline your internal processes for storing, indexing and securing your Microsoft Office documents. 

Microsoft Excel compatible

Microsoft Word compatible

Microsoft Outlook compatible

Centralised Management

Our Total Information Management model has been designed to provide a full suite of information management software and services to our customers, leaving them to focus on their core business.


Our core document management software solution. Secure and entirely scalable.

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An "easy-in, easy-out" interface for simple document archive and retrieval. 

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Allowing office documents to easily & safely be stored in Genisys Document Management.

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Move document around an organisation in a controlled manner.

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