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As well as offering software solutions we also offer associated document services to carry out part – or the entire scope – of the work pertaining to document conversion or data capture.  Back-scanning or archiving of legacy documentation can be offered as a one-off service, and in addition, we can provide an ongoing programme to capture any new documentation produced within your business. Indeed scanning of legacy documentation is our specialty service and many of our clients utilise our scanning services in conjunction with their Genisys ConsoliDATA software.

 Underpinning all of these deliverables are our support services.  Whether you require technical resources to assist you with an implementation or bespoke integration project, or training for both everyday users of the system and for system administrators, we can provide all the support you require





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Getting the right advice for your document scanning programme is essential.

Whether it be legacy documents or on-going paperwork, Genisys Technology can provide a tailored scanning service to suit the needs of your business.

With the average administrative office worker spending up to a two hours a week looking for lost or misfiled paperwork then it is almost certain that there will be cost benefits to adopting a “less-paper” protocol within your business. We at Genisys Technology Solutions do not fully buy-in to the “paperless” office concept, instead we focus on the more achievable, “less-paper” solution for our customers.  It would seem that many businesses agree with us with a recent Forrester Report stating that “Customers prefer hybrid, digital/physical experiences” over totally digital.

With that in mind, we do not believe that an off-shelf solution to your scanning needs can be provided, cost per page is defined by quality of paper, clips, staples, paper size and colour, binding etc. We take a look at your paperwork, then work closely with you to advise on digital output formats, indexing options and delivery options. We then present a plan specific to your needs. This is all done up-front without any obligation whatsoever.

Getting your scanning project correct is paramount, if your paperwork is your data and you need your data to be intact, secure and accurate then speak to us.

Anytime, quick and instant access. Massive time and cost saving benefits

No lost paperwork.

Secures your data and eradicates the risk of loss from fire, flood or theft.

Streamlines office processes and improves service to your clients

Saves on physical storage space whether it be in your office or at off-site facilities.

Provides instant cost-benefits.

Documents can be easily secured or shared or pushed into workflow processes.

Protection – Your digitised records are preserved for the future

To discuss your scanning requirements, no matter how big or small a job, we would love to offer our advice. Click on the contact us button and one of the Genisys Scanning Team will call you back.


Our policy is to provide the best possible service and support to our customers to ensure that our clients get the best from their investment in our software solutions. Smooth implementation and operation of our software ensures that our clients gain the optimum benefits from the software which usually leads to a quick return on the original investment.

To support our overall policy we provide:

Help Desk

Help Desk

The Genisys Support Helpdesk is operated by totally qualified technical staff and is available to our customers to use as a central point of contact for all system matters. As well as support services for our software products, we also provide, help, guidance and advice regarding the operation of our solutions including our supplied hardware as well as our software.

Our helpdesk service is live and real-time with no need to wait for ticket allocation and subsequent response. We have resisted the pressure and cost-benefits to go with on-line issue reporting and instead stick to a real-time service where issues can be reported by email or directly by telephone. Our customers cite the ability to speak with a real person without the hassle of unnecessary red-tape as one of the key benefits of using a Genisys Technology software solution.



Comprehensive Training is always offered as part of a Genisys solution. This means that the benefits of implementing a computer-based system can be quickly realised and the system can quickly begin to pay back. Training programmes can be delivered on site or over the Internet and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Account Management

Account Management

If required, we conduct regular reviews with our customers to ensure they are totally happy with our support and service and that any outstanding or ongoing issues are addressed.

Our growing knowledge of our Accounts allows us to introduce new technology when it benefits our customers without a heavy sales pitch. We always try to advise when we have additional or new solutions from which our clients would gain benefits. We strive to look at areas where we can help, add value and benefit, and provide cost-saving benefits.

Above all we always try to keep things simple and not confuse matters with technical terms and jargon. Our focus is to ensure that your data works for you.


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